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Mertens' Water Monitor

Mertens' Water Monitor

Varanus mertensi      lizard underwater freshwater NT Northern Territory Top End monitor lizard


Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year 'Threatened Species' Winner - 2019


Whilst observing a pair of male Mertens’ water monitors competing for the privilege of mating with a female, this cheeky individual crept up to investigate the good looking fellow in my camera's dome port, sadly for him he was looking at his own reflection. This species of monitor is thoroughly semi-aquatic, inhabiting waterways throughout northern Australia where they forage for fish and crustaceans.

Canvas, Chromalux aluminium, and acrylic products are supplied ready to hang. You will need to have rolled fine art papers mounted and framed before displaying. Please see 'Product and Shipping Information' for more details. 

PriceFrom $100.00
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