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Fitzroy River Turtle

Fitzroy River Turtle

Rheodytes leukops


These turtles are affectionately known as ‘bum breathers’. They are the sole surviving mem-ber of a previously more widespread genus, now confined to the Fitzroy catchment. Rheodytes possess a cloacal cavity made up of bursae filled with vascularized fimbriae allowing for oxy-gen uptake from water via diffusion. This specialized structure is surrounded by muscles that contract the bursae—the ultimate bum-breathing adaptation—at 15-60 'bum breaths' per minute, allowing Rheodytes to stay submerged for days at a time.

Canvas, Chromalux aluminium, and acrylic products are supplied ready to hang. You will need to have rolled fine art papers mounted and framed before displaying. Please see 'Product and Shipping Information' for more details.

PriceFrom $100.00
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