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Comb-Crested Jacana

Comb-Crested Jacana

Irediparra gallinacea


The comb-crested jacana, in common with jacanas of other tropical nations, are often referred to as Jesus birds for their seeming ability to walk on water. Sadly, for the jacanas, this is a slight exaggeration, as they have the largest foot to body ratio of any bird species, enabling them to spread their weight over a large surface area to instead walk over the thin layers of aquatic vegetation. This image shows a bird in fine condition as it browses for insect prey. 

Canvas, Chromalux aluminium, and acrylic products are supplied ready to hang. You will need to have rolled fine art papers mounted and framed before displaying. Please see 'Product and Shipping Information' for more details.

PriceFrom $100.00
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