FAQ - Etienne Littlefair

Will I provide an image free of charge?


Before asking me to provide my work free of charge please consider the huge costs involved in purchasing photographic equipment, the countless hours of very early mornings and late nights spent in the field and behind a computer screen. Consider the field conditions in the tropics,  the physical difficulties associated with  working in such climates; the sweat, the loss of blood to insects and the tropical diseases that have literally left me scarred, including leishmaniasis, malaria, dengue fever and giardia. I love sharing my observations but if you would like to make use of my images then you will have to pay for them. 

A note for natural history authors: If you are writing a field guide or other natural history book then I will very likely consider providing you with an image/s in exchange for a copy of your book.

Do I have a store or gallery?

Currently no. I am looking into options for the future.

Do watermarks appear on prints or downloads?

No. I am able to add my signature to prints if you so choose. Please contact me to discuss positioning, I will provide a preview.

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