Reptiles and Amphibians - Etienne Littlefair
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Northern red-faced turtle

A couple of Northern red-faced turtles (Emydura victoriae) from The Kimberley. We got onto a bunch of these shy turtles during our short visit but most times, like in the second image, they quickly disappeared into vegetation or deep rocky crevices. Interestingly, despite night time temperatures dropping to 10C these guys were mostly nocturnal. This led to one particularly interesting night time adventure where Ben first of all slipped and fell into a small creek just as Cara and I found a couple of these turtles courting. We did the obligatory check for crocs and other hazards, and I hopped into the freezing water to get some shots. Minutes later we spotted some curious cows approaching us along the far bank so we started thinking about moving upstream. As the cows got closer, we heard the ominous sound of a Freshwater croc - also wary of the cows - sliding into the water on the far bank. Now thoroughly spooked, it was time to move on...

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