Invertebrates - Etienne Littlefair
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Darwin stick-insect

Here's a photo of the Darwin stick-insect (Eurycnema osiris) as we found it. I don't know a lot about this species - the internet hasn't revealed much - and I'm not even 100% sure of my ID. If anyone can confirm or point me in the right direction for more info I'd be grateful. When we disturbed the insect it proved to be quite intimidating, opening and closing it's brightly coloured wings whilst repeatedly mock striking with its abdomen, almost as if mimicking a scorpion, it's third and final method was to emit a hissing or scraping sound that I think emanated from its wing cases or legs being rubbed on its abdomen. Being a stick insect it is of course completely harmless - it just knows how to talk a big game! #Darwinstickinsect #stickinsect #phasmid #phasmida #Eurycnema #Eurycnemaosiris #Nature #wildlife #Wildlifeplanet #NTaustralia #TopEnd #australia #canon #closefocuswideangle #urbanwildlife #hugeinsect

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