About - Etienne Littlefair


I have always had a passion for nature, I'm fairly sure it started with my parents taking me for walks in the woods and dales of Yorkshire and Lancashire (UK) and telling me wild tales of creatures from the South African bushveld. Following my childhood dreams I studied BSc Zoology and Conservation at Bangor University, North Wales and a MSc Natural Resource Management at James Cook University, Queensland.

Since then I have worked in ecology consultancy and with various conservation oriented NGOs. This work has taken me to many interesting locations around the world and facilitated remote wilderness fieldwork that has often rewarded me with unique insights into the natural world. It was my desire to share these experiences, landscapes and creatures with my friends and family that initially pushed me  to take up nature photography, a labor of love that I have pursued almost relentlessly since my father first allowed me to take his DSLR to a local nature reserve around 10 years ago. 

Today I am based in Darwin, Northern Territory with my nature loving wife, Cara without whom I would struggle to maintain my frequent photographic forays. Darwin is a fantastic base for nature enthusiasts with easy access to a plethora of diverse ecosystems, some of which are  within a short stroll of our front door. When we are not pursuing photography or exploring remote areas of the Northern Territory we work in education as secondary school science teachers.

I hope you enjoy my images and site - please don't hesitate to contact me or leave a comment if you have a question.  

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