Ethos and mission statement - Etienne Littlefair

Ethos and mission statement

My mission is to photograph and display images of wildlife to raise general awareness of less well known, under-appreciated species, in doing so I hope to fuel a nature conservation ethos amongst my viewers - it is hard to love and protect things that we don't know. 

My favourite images and the hardest ones to capture are those that display animals engaging in a behaviour such as predation events, courtship, drinking or displaying inquisitiveness. As such I always make attempts to cause minimal disturbance to my subjects. The exception is for nocturnal photography, during this pursuit it is necessary both to approach subjects closely, and to use artificial lighting, all of which undoubtedly causes some level of disturbance and probably distress to subjects. To minimise my impact on populations or individual animals I make an effort to carry out most of this type of photography in very remote areas where subjects are unlikely to ever come into contact with another human being, let alone one with a load of flashguns and torches!

All of my daytime images are captured with natural light, sometimes with the aid of diffusion or reflectors.  For images capture at night, lighting is created through a combination of flashguns and 'painting' with a torch. For most of my images I simply try to light my subjects so that they appear as faithfully in my images to the real thing as is possible. On occasion for very special subjects I attempt to manipulate lighting to emphasise character or a particular behaviour of a subject.

My goal for the coming months is to diversify into shooting a wider variety of species and habitats from new perspectives. To this end I recently invested in an underwater housing and a fisheye lens.

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