Reptiles and Amphibians - Etienne Littlefair
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Northern blue-tongue

Blue-tongues are amongst the largest skinks in the world reaching up to an impressive 50cm or so in total length. These lizards do indeed have a large blue tongue, though I have only rarely seen them dislay it at night. Amazingly my wife and I came accross this skink in a remnant patch of monsoon forest in suburban Darwin, it is the first Blue-tongue either of us has seen around Darwin where (anecdotally) they were once very common. Like many herpetofauna populations in the Top End I suspect Blue-tongues have declined following the arrival of non-native, toxic Cane toads. Around Darwin they have no doubt suffered from habitat fragmentation and predation by cats and dogs to boot. It is heartening to see such a beautiful and rarely ecountered animal living so close to home.

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