Reptiles and Amphibians - Etienne Littlefair
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Mulga snake (King brown snake)

This large Mulga (previously King brown snake) gave me a nice surprise when a friend encountered it on a walking track in the West MacDonnell range on our return to camp late one night. The snake was probably hunting the plentiful frogs that were breeding in a nearby creek. Mulgas are one of Australia's most widespread reptiles and are certainly our most widespread venomous snake. Sadly in the north and east these snakes have suffered drastic declines following the introduction of Cane toads, in three years of living in the north of Australia I have seen 3 live individuals in the north, whereas it isn't unusual to see 3 per night of searching once outside of Cane toad range. Luckily in north Queensland it appears (anecdotally) that this beautiful species is bouncing back in some areas. Hopefully in time we will see this happen accross the entirety of their northern range.

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